Monday, April 4, 2011

The Presentation

One of the reasons there has not been a post here for a while is that I have been working on a presentation for Women and the Garden. On April 2, I was invited to speak at a small fundraiser for the Stephen Lewis Foundation (Aids) for the Burlington Ubuntu Grandmothers. As I have never presented anything before I devoted quite a lot of time choosing my subject and creating a PowerPoint creation. As an initiate to PowerPoint I found I could waste lots of time getting little done- that is mostly because I am technically challenged.
I chose to look at two 17th century women I have already posted about, Sister Maria Celeste and Maria Sibylla Merian. My reasons were that they were both from wealthy families, both well educated and both lived in the early Renaissance when a shift was taking place. Despite their similarities they lived starling different lives. This societal shift was in some ways regarding the new trends of landscape gardening but women were also starting to have some freedoms they did not have earlier nor would they have later.
The presentation went smoothly, my 'ums' were kept to a minimum and the slides looked pretty good on the screen. A few kind comments were received and appreciated and then it was all over. Quite the feeling of vacuum afterwards. 
I am not yet sure where the research is going next, but I will have something up in the next two weeks.

by M.S. Merian


  1. Does that 'ubuntu' mean the charity is for South Africans?

  2. I too was wondering what Diana asked. It sounded like your talk was very interesting and informative. I like the art too.

  3. Diana: The foundation supports community-based organizations working to turn the tide of HIV/AIDS in Africa. They focus on 15 African countries and yes, South Africa is one of them. If you are interested check the link in the blog for more information.

  4. Dear Patty, I am certain that your presentation was fabulous. I have empathy for your techno challenges, I waste time too! I think it is too late for me to catch up with it all. I like your two choices of women to share. Your essays on both were excellent. The contrast of their lives is quite remarkable. I would have so enjoyed being amongst the Grandmothers to hear and see your power point talk. Your unique posts have been missed.

  5. I wish I could have been there for your talk. Your posts are always so wonderful. Food for the brain!! Anthing involving a charity and gardening is right up my alley. :o)


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