Thursday, December 20, 2012

Garden History online

I wish I could say that I have many posts ready for your reading pleasure. The truth is that for the last while it has been difficult to get the ideas and information down on paper. Do not count me out - the blog continues and the posts will resume.

In the meantime, I stumbled upon an online course on the history of the ornamental garden. It is taught by  England's garden historian and author Toby Musgrave. This online course starts in January and runs for 4 weeks. Part of the course is taught with video tutorials and the other part consists of downloadable notes.  A course this short will not be able to cover a lot but it will undoubtedly teach me many interesting things and will be a great refresher for my memory and who knows, maybe offer some inspiration.

It appears the garden history course is taught every month. However that is not all. There are many courses offered online at this site My Garden School from basic how to's to more advanced techniques of gardening. If you want to know how to grow plants on the vertical they offer that too.

Here's the link if you want a look: My Garden School.

So do keep in touch. You will not be disappointed.
Happy Holidays to all.